September 21, 2011

Poetry Cafe: 6th Six weeks
Students will write persuasive letters to businesses to request food for their poetry readings.
Students will invite other classes to their poetry readings.
Students will write their own poetry to share.
Students can create videos or other types of media with their poems.

Discovering Identity: 1st 6 weeks
Students will visit/skype nursing home patients and or older citizens in our community.
Students will interview citizens about their life story.
Students will create scripts and videos about the people's life.
Students will share this with families, nursing homes and the local and school library.

Becoming Informed/Being a Critical thinker
Students will select an organization or charities they would like to assist.
Students will research their organziations and discover needs of the organization.
Students will create and informational brochure, multi media presentation or video informing about this organization and their needs.
Students will select a project that they can do in support of this organization.