September 21, 2011

In 8th we would like to place the legacy project in the 4th six weeks where students are asked to make sense of their reality. In this unit students are already given a choice for writing; expository, imaginative, or persuasion which gives them the opportunity to take ownership and choice. This unit also lends itself to the ideas of students understanding how reality impacts who they are, what they become, and how they view the world around them. Additionally, we would like to see our students understand how to make sense of their reality and also what they can do in the world to influence/impact/change someone else's reality.

We used the work done by readers of the cake wrecks blog as our inspiration.

I. Students begin with themselves, thinking about their legacy and making sense of their reality.
II. Then, in groups we would want them to research other realities (poverty, etc.)
III. Students research ways that kids have already changed the reality of others (I.e. Lemonade stand, boy who shoots hoops, etc.)

December 19, 2011
In 8th grade students are finding themselves. Who they are, what they care about, who they will become. Often times these students are searching for answers, ways to figure out who they are. Other times 8th graders have more to offer than they know, this knowledge can help someone younger develop who they are.

I. Write a personal narrative that responds to this question: "What defines you?"

II. Based on the narrative determine whether you want to seek the knowledge of an older generation or share your knowledge with a younger generation.
a. What seeking knowledge looks like: gathering wisdom from an older generation,"time" now/then, past experiences, lessons learned from experiences, appreciation of life lived, etc.
b. What sharing knowledge looks like: reaching out to a younger generation, mentoring, sharing advice, etc.

III. The legacy of this project is far reaching and endless: a photo story that compares/contrasts lives lived. An interview shared in movie format. Building a relationship that lasts beyond the project and continues.

7th / 8th grade project Persuasion

Back To The Future
Smarts for the Arts
Using Technology to Kick it Old School
Mission: Save our fine art programs (Band, Orchestra, Choir, Art, Drama, Graphic Arts, Dance, etc.) and teachers’ jobs.
  1. 1. Persuade the LEF to give us grants for technology programs or get a company to donate money for the program.
  2. 2. Buy programs for our existing technology.
  3. 3. Create the apps to put on the market.
  4. 4. Gather up all the income to buy supplies for the fine art programs.
Promoting: persuasion, grammar skills, presentation skills, connections to social media, and the choices of kinds of apps to create.
Conclusion: With these profits, we will continue to fund Back To The Future, buy supplies, fund all art supplies, fund all art programs, and save our teachers.