RL--What's the difference between a legacy project and a service learning project? Some schools require service learning. See this clip and and let me know if you think this project fits what we are looking for in a legacy project. Oregon Kids

  1. Do we need traditional English classes? Combine with all subjects?
  2. How do we make sure we hit all the TEKS/Objectives?
  3. How much control should be given up?
  4. What are the logistics?
  5. What is the place of the canon?
  6. Accountability?
  7. Is this in addition or in place of?
  8. Technology?
  9. What will pull the children in to this? How do we find out what is purposeful?
  10. How do we find the balance between what teachers have to do and what students want to do?
  11. What is the starting point?
  12. Time?
  13. Legacy Project - Does it have to be written? online?
  14. Filters? Students are more technologically savvy than teachers.
  15. How do teachers evaluate the worth of the project?
  16. What is purposeful work?
  17. If everyone is doing it, how do you keep it unique and engaging?
  18. Who should be the primary drivers of the project? Teachers or students?
  19. How do you develop a sense of community?
  20. What is community?
  21. How do we find the time? Continuing the CCT?
  22. Will all students actually buy into this? Will they take it seriously?
  23. How will this fit into our chronological curriculum and not just be one more thing to make sure we do?
  24. How can we make this a "school world" supported activity?
  25. Is this a year-long event? a six week project?
  26. How do we get buy-in with our principals?
  27. How can we turn this into grades? Can we encourage kids to do this without the motivation of grades?
  28. Will everyone do this? accommodations? ESL? Special education?
  29. Do we let them each do their own thing? How do we create authentic engagement?
  30. Can we have a physical as well as a digital connection?
  31. Should we just jump in and work with unmotivated students?
  32. Should we start with small groups?
  33. How do we allow students to create the learning?
  34. Is the Legacy Project an in-class assignment or an outside of class project?
  35. Give the learning to the students to design the outcome?
  36. Are we underestimating our students' abilities?
  37. How do we accomplish Alan November's ideas with limited technology?