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RL--I think this has potential. The group identified the problem (garbage at the school) and made this video. I can't see it making a difference there, though. Maybe a better approach would have been to do a mini-doc on the custodians. If kids saw them as people they had a connection to, they might pick up after themselves? Something with pride in your surroundings? Just thinking. They really focused on a symptom, not the root problem. But . . . I do think this is a good example of a starting place. Richmond HS Garbage
RL--I like this one as an example of a single student. I like how the student learned about the daily life of the deployed soldier, but there needs to be more info on what future viewers of this video can do to help the cause. Help the Troops
KB. - This is a great article about how this guy followed a process to come up with a legacy project of his own:

JZ- This would be interesting. It is a project where students interview older generations in their family and as a class, create a Generational Scrapbook. This would have students writing in different formats.**

Here are 2 resources for Senior Capstone Projects. The first gives an overview of project-based learning. The second is a manual that Memphis City Schools gives its students for completing their senior project.

AJ_This is a resource for ideas for various grade levels:

from Maryland:

lots of them here!:
A HUGE resource of resources by project:

Focus on connecting to curriuclum and specific state standards:


lesson plans! :D

PBL resources
These resources are designed for teachers to plan out the projects, but some of them are great resources that the kids could use to plan their own projects.
This website has oodles of ideas - the list on the left side of the page opens up more and more ideas. Cindi L.

for the creative writers -

Something to explore