from Mark Simon (Forestwood MS); this is a site that allows you to communicate w/ students via phone or email and send bulk messages now or at a later time (Caution: it is illegal to text or email students under 13--ask technology for specifics;there are presently dummy accounts in place to give students access to SchoolWeb)

Apps for the iPad from Jody Rentfro
In SchoolWeb, Jody has set up a class called EdcampLewi that has multiple apps and videos. Mind42, Garage Band, SimpleMinds
This is the future of textbooks. Inkling--downloaded chapters from textbooks, most are college level ( good one:Lights, Camera, Action ($1.99)
WordFoto--way cool. You take a photo and than can layer words over it.
Wolfram--Wolfram Alpha; amazing app for solving math problems, comparing words, many, many topics here. Excellent site for getting numbers info (check out LISD and compare them to other districts!) minimal cost for app, free on Internet
Skyfire will help with Flash-needed apps
Thumbjam is amazingly cool for digital instrments; yes, you can play! about $10 Can download files to your PC and put your music into Moviemaker
Garage Band for iPad; this is where you get the traditional piano keyboard (Thumbjam gives you the notes in the key you choose) from Ramona Lowe (DTL) if you can type you can make an animated movie! from Heather Lamb, can convert YouTube, other videos to the type of file you need--PDF to docs, etc site for all sorts of things, including homework help from Anna Cristostomo great site from Patrick Carman(author of Skeleton Creek) to interest kids in reading. It has audio tales to pull them in, then actually has text they have to navigate, and then the cliffhanger is resolved in a video. Stories are 15 minutes long (or less). from Pam Henderson at Hedrick Elem. Stories are 99 cents and can go to iPad, iPhone (multiple use) from Cindy Wolfe at Coppell HS; be brave--this one never goes away. It's like a refrigerator door--you post stickies of the things to do; you can add stickies, etc.

and we all love,and if you haven't seen it, check out for the same type thing, only with shapes.If you like them on Facebook, you will get the daily Tagxedo on your page. (My favorite is Dirk Nowitzki, but I'm partial!)

from Carolyn Gallagher Live Scribe pen--excellent for students who have been absent. A student takes notes, and the by touching the specific point in the notes, he/she will hear the lecture. Carolyn is from the LISD SLAI dept. Notes downloadable. Educator discount--less than $100. for kid focused news, youngzine is similar--this from Mrs. Kirby's session, via Megan Livinggood from Plano a blogging site that is basic, and very secure. A great first place to publish! This is also from Megan is a reading log online; great for elementary. Includes a feature that emails mom and dad asking for verification of home reading. And again from Megan! Thanks!

from Ramona; do you know this one? Search STAAR and see Nina Peery's live binder.

from Heather Lamb,; make your own motivational poster by dragging pictures and words, or going freestryle.

from Anna Cristostomo from Duram MS insp. videos

from Jason Poe from Briarhill MS, zoomit.exe will allow you to zoom in on your screen without using the projector; way cool

from, or you can make up a brief video of your desktop. EASY!

Throwdown--use Wikispaces to create your own textbook, like two teachers in the midwest did. They had their students write a better 8th grade history text.

Diigo--social bookmarking. Check it out! LISD will be talking a lot about this in the upcoming year.

From Renee Marts-,,