The Voice Project? The Legacy Project?

Not teacher's work
Purposeful work
Who owns the learning?
Create * Connect * Change (ref
Students have a voice in something larger.
Students make contributions beyond self and teacher.
Voice in conversation

Legacy Project?
Should we call this a "Legacy Project"?
Connect to expository . . . persuasive . . .
"Legacy" - contrived? forced?
Do legacies happen extemporaneously?

MS Legacy Project
  • Legacy project is more than just a project
  • What can learners discover about themselves?
  • What can learners do to create a legacy?
  • Voice is part of legacy - not the entire project
    • Does "voice" take it down a notch?
    • "Voice" is possibly an over-familiar term vs. Legacy is a new term to us, maybe more of a fresh beginning
  • If students are interested in the project long after the project is over, it has left a legacy (Forestwood's landscape project)
  • Does the word, legacy, intimidate teachers or students?
  • HS teachers did not want the legacy project seem contrived
  • Do middle school teachers use the word, voice, in a different way than the HS?
  • HS teachers felt that students have a voice in the world - to speak what matters to them
  • Legacy is that others can see what students have left behind
  • "Rachael's challenge" is already a legacy in the district.
  • "Pay it forward" - share the idea with students
  • Does it matter what the project is called? Maybe middle school and high school projects should be named differently - it could be something that they could look forward to.
  • Look at this project as having a purpose for both students and teachers.
  • We often learn from the pain and experiences from earlier generations/student grade levels
  • We aren't necessarily looking at huge world problems - we're looking at synthesizing ideas and must be manageable for them
  • We shouldn't get hung up on the words
  • Who is the audience for the Legacy project? 7th grade could look at community issues and 8th grade could look at world issues

Ideas for a motto a la the Legacy Project

Envision. Engage. Effect

Interest. Investigate. Impact.

Challenge. Collaborate. Change.

Investigation. Collaboration. Contribution.

Investigate. Collaborate. Contribute.